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Gasshuku - England

20th - 22nd April 2018

Donald Morrison (Chief Instructor of Scotland and England) and Steven De Winne (Chief Instructor of Belgium) will be coming to England in both April and September to do a Gasshuku.  


Donald and Steven have a vast amount of experience and technical knowledge of karate. Steven is also a WKF Referee and will be taking us through some kumite checkpoints that will invaluable for all students (especially those attending the World Championships in Japan this year).


Gasshukus are a high point in the W.K.K.A. England calendar and are a must for any karate student no matter what their grade!


We are now taking bookings for the April Gasshuku, if you wish to book your place, just complete the form below then pay your dojo boss directly (before the start of the Gasshuku).

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