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History of WKKA

Kenji Kusano was born in 1942, as a direct descendant of the Japanese Samurai (5th generation).  After World War II, the Japanese Samurai as a division of Japan ceased to exist.


The Kusano family were deprived of their Samurai status and all of their powers were given to the people of Japan.  At the age of 13, Kenji Kusano used to practice karate at his local school and continued to train when he attended Osaka University in the 1950's.  His teacher was Chojiro tani, who trained directly under Kenwa Mabuni.


Following Kenwa Mabuni's death in 1952, Chojiro Tani Ha Shitoryu (Shukokai).  Kenji Kusano, one of Tani's best students, quickly

Kenji Kusano

advanced within the Shukokai organisation.  By 1963, Kenji Kusano had opened his own Dojo in Otsu Japan, near the old imperial city of Kyoto.  Chojiro Tani named Kenji's Dojo "Kenshikan".


Kenji Kusano had a lot of dedication when practicing his karate.  At the age of just 31, Kenji Kusano was awarded a 7th Dan Kyoshi in Tani Ha Shitoryu.  By 1979, with Tani's permission, Kenji Kusano moved away from Tani Ha Shitoryu and developed his own version of Shitoryu.  Kusano named his organisation the World Kenshikan Kenpo Karate Do Association (WKKA) which was headquarted in Otsu, Japan.


WKKA in Europe


Today, the WKKA Association in very popular in Europe.  There are hundreds of students across England, Sweden, Belgium and Scotland.  Each year, Soke Sensei travels to Europe to teach his students and provide the unique opportunity to train directly with Soke Sensei and other Japanese Students.

WKKA quickly became very popular with Japanese students and grew rapidly across Japan and just a few years later, worldwide.  In 1988, at a special ceremony in Otsu Japan, Kenji Kusano was promoted to "Soke" and was given permission to call his style Kusano Ha Shitoryu Kai.


In 2008, after over 50 years of practicing karate and founding the WKKA Association, Kenji Kusano died, leaving his son to take over his name and the WKKA Association.  WKKA (now called World Kusano-Ha Shitoryu Kenpo Karate-Do Association) continues to grow strong, all over the world.

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